How do I get rid of water in my ear?

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How do I get rid of water in my ear?

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When you have water in your ears you can try jiggling your earlobe to help get the water out of your ear and/or use some hydrogen peroxide in your ear to get rid of the water in your ear.

Another thing you can do is to let good ole Gravity help with draining the water from your ear.

To let Gravity drain the water from your ear Lay down on your side for a few minutes and place your head on a towel to absorb the water.

The water should begin to slowly drain out of your ear.

You can also use a warm or hot compress to drain water from your ear if the above doesn't work out for you.

Water can sometimes get trapped in your eustachian tubes (which connect your middle ear to the area just behind your nasal passages). This technique can help release the trapped water.

Using hot but not scalding water, wet a washcloth.

Be sure to wring out the washcloth before you use it so that it doesn’t drip.

Next Tilt your head downwards on the affected side and apply the washcloth to the outside of your ear and Leave the washcloth on your ear for about 30 seconds, and then remove it for a minute.
Repeat these steps four or five times.

It might help to sit up or lie down on the side opposite of the affected side of your body afterward.

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