How much does it cost to move to another state?

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How much does it cost to move to another state?

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answered Sep 28 by linda (2,970 points)
If you're moving from one state to another and you hire moving companies to load up and move your stuff from your current location to the other new location then the average cost from moving from one state to another is $5,600.00

But if you move the stuff yourself it will just cost you the gas or fuel to travel from location to location or to pay for the rental moving truck.

It's cheaper to move your stuff yourself or just give away or sell your current stuff and then get new stuff at your new home.
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answered Oct 15 by nikol (500 points)

My move to another state was not limited to spending on the delivery of things and the road. In my new job, one of the conditions for moving was to improve my language skills. It is great that there are such online learning sites, which allowed me to quickly and qualitatively improve my language. As you can see in life is different and your expenses may not be predisposed. The main thing is that it brings results and pleasure.

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