I hate being forced into family events?

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asked Jun 15, 2017 in Holidays by Okaay (120 points)
I'm 12 years old and I hate going to family Gatherings.

I have a nephew who will turn 5 years old in a few weeks and there's gonna be a big birthday party for him at the park.

I keep telling my mom and dad that I don't want too go. But they keep saying that I have to go to the party.

I'm very shy and hate being around family. I like to just be alone.

My parents think that I have to go because It's my family and that I'd be doing wrong if I didn't go to the birthday party.

I don't even like people over when my birthday comes around. I just stay in my room and my parents keep trying to get me out of the room and they still bring family over to my own birthdays and I hate it.

I can't wait until I turn 18 and can move far away from my stupid family. I just want to be left alone and not forced into family gatherings.

I hate my extended family and want nothing to do with them? Am I really wrong to stay away from my sister and other family?

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answered Jun 15, 2017 by chad (11,630 points)
I know just how you feel. I was a very shy kid myself and hated going to any family events.

When I was 14 my real sister had her husband with her and had a cook out at the park. Well I was kind of okay with that part. Except when my step sister who I hated and still hate showed up with there really bad family who I hated even more.

I was sitting down eating and then they showed up so I got up and started walking away. I walked around the park by myself until they all left and the cookout was over.

I was forced to go the cookout then too.

If you go maybe you can just take a stroll around the park until the party is over or go sit by yourself and listen to a radio or if you have a laptop take one with you and just use it at a picnic table or something away from them.

I'm really glad that I'm now an adult and live by myself and can just say no to those family events and can stay away from the family I hate.

There's nothing wrong with a person for hating some family. You don't have to love family. You didn't choose those people to be your family. So hate on if you want.

I hate my Step sister and her kids and now her grandkids and I want nothing to do with them either.

I'll never get married because I don't want to and I'll never have kids either. I'm not into family events and never will be.

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