Can you sue a dealer for selling you a bad car?

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asked Jan 25 in Buying & Selling by ValentinaPolly (230 points)
Can you sue a dealer for selling you a bad car?

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answered Jan 25 by marlahs11 (460 points)
If you buy a used car from a dealership and something goes wrong with the car from any problems that the car dealership didn't tell you about then yes you can sue the dealership for selling you a used lemon car.

You'll need to get an attorney and prove that you didn't know about the problems with the car when buying it.

Make sure you also didn't sign an agreement that says you're buying the vehicle as is because if you buy a vehicle as is then they don't have to honor anything to fix the vehicle.

Some states may differ in laws though and before suing the dealership try to work something out with them first about the car and then you may try suing the dealership if they don't want to rectify the problem.

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