What are the benefits of never having kids?

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asked Feb 23, 2019 in Parenting by Tracavis (220 points)
What are the benefits of never having kids?

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Never having kids does have some benefits but there is also a benefit to having kids as well.

Some benefits of never having kids are easier to save money as it's cheaper to live alone and not raise kids.

Kids cost a lot of money and you need to have the income to properly care for them and feed them, diaper them etc.

Kids are also a very big responsibility and require care 24/7 at least until they're around 10 years old but they still require care even then but not as much.

When kids are very young you have to really watch them closely or they can take off from you in an instant or get hurt or kidnapped.

Having kids can be wonderful too though as they're lot of fun and fun to have around even though they can make mess, have tantrums, get into things etc.

But no one is required to have kids and not everyone is meant to or made to be a parent and that's okay too.

Having kids is a really big responsibility and if you don't think you're up to the task of parenting then it's best you don't have any.

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