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asked May 13, 2019 in Home Work Help by fathi (1,030 points)
Hello. My sister lives in Chennai in India and for quite a long time cannot find a job in her specialty. She is a great department manager and marketer. Tell me where you can contact about the work.

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answered May 13, 2019 by julianqu11 (380 points)
You can go to and search up department manager and marketer jobs and that's what I did myself for you.

If you go to the link below there's an opening for a department manager job in retail in Chennai India.

Good luck with the Job search I hope your sister finds a good job in Chennai India.
commented May 14, 2019 by fathi (1,030 points)
Thanks, I looked through. And no more offers?
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answered May 14, 2019 by eliss (1,040 points)

Greetings. Perhaps you should still browse Chennai jobs at This resource contains job offers from all over India. I think that you will find a suitable job. Good luck in finding.

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