How can I encourage my eyebrows to grow?

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asked Jun 8, 2019 in Other-Style & Beauty by laboudajod (310 points)
How can I encourage my eyebrows to grow?

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answered Jun 8, 2019 by Christeen (62,980 points)
If you wan to encourage your eyebrows to grow you can apply some coconut oil to your eyebrows.

The coconut oil will help keep your eyelids moist to help keep your eyebrows growing and prevent bags under your eyes as well.

I've had good luck applying some coconut oil to my eyebrows and I saw great results after a few months of adding the coconut oil to my eyebrows.

Coconut oil also has a lot of very essential nutrients and protein that help with eyelashes and promotes their growth and helps keep the eyebrows healthy.

Coconut oil also has very essential saturated fatty acids which are essential for healthy hair and eyebrow growth.

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