Does Amazon deliver on Sundays?

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asked Jun 28, 2019 in UPS by aliamith (350 points)
Does Amazon deliver on Sundays?

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answered Jun 28, 2019 by Gracy (107,480 points)
If the Amazon package is coming through Amazon delivery itself and not being shipped through UPS or USPS then yes some packages may be delivered on Sunday through their own delivery service.

But if your Amazon package is going through USPS or UPS then no your package won't be delivered on Sunday since UPS and USPS drivers do not work on Sunday.

So you would get your Amazon packaged delivered on the following Monday or when it's near your location and out for delivery.

But if you haven't got the package by Saturday and it's at your local post office or UPS center then you will have the package delivered by Monday.
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Amazon does deliver packages on Sunday.

If the package is on an Amazon delivery vehicle then Amazon will deliver the package on Sunday.

Unlike traditional mail, Amazon makes package deliveries every day of the week, Sunday included.

These Sunday deliveries are available to all customers where the service is available, regardless of Amazon Prime membership.

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