What is your "nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there?

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asked Sep 3, 2016 in Car by Lilly21 (33,740 points)
What's a nice place you like to visit but you wouldn't want to live there?

Mine is New York City. I'd love to visit it but I couldn't stand living there all the time.

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answered Sep 4, 2016 by chad (11,980 points)
I used to live in Cove Arkansas from the age of 13 until I turned 20 and then I moved back to Kansas.

Cove Arkansas is a nice place to visit but I grew bored of it quickly and wanted out.

I'm originally from Kansas and moved back to the small town of Turon Kansas which is an awful town, I lived in Turon from 2008 until December 2014 where I then moved back to my hometown of Sylvia KS.

I lived in Sylvia Kansas from the time I was born in March 8th 1988 until I turned 10 years old.

Been back in my hometown for nearly 2 years now and I'm okay if I live here the rest of my life.

Turon KS isn't even a nice place to visit.

I have to agree with you on New York City too. I could never live there in that big cities like that.

I have never visited New York City, But I really want too just to see it before I die.

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