How can I work from home in my pajamas?

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asked Aug 27, 2017 in Employment & Careers by Rose T (1,800 points)
How can I work from home in my pajamas?

Well I don't have to work in my pajamas but I would just love to be able to quit my current office job and work at my home without commuting to my job.

What are some legit ways I can earn a living at home while in my pajamas or without leaving the house?

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answered Aug 28, 2017 by Shawn (51,470 points)

Working from home can be done and there are legit ways of earning online income while never leaving your home.

Freelance Work. 

Try freelance work. With freelance work you can make money by writing blog articles and content for other peoples blogs and websites. 

You can also make money freelancing by doing coding work, updating peoples websites, website design, logo creation and much more. 

Just be sure you have knowledge in these jobs and can do a fantastic job. 

Create A Website. 

You can make money by creating a website or blog on a topic you know a lot about and write content that will help someone solve a problem. 

Earning money from a website can take time though. So don't expect overnight results or overnight money. 

Once your website has enough content and traffic you apply for google Adsense or and monetize your website with the ads.

If you have enough traffic you can earn money. 

You earn money when someone clicks on your advertisement or sometimes you make money by cpm or Cost per mile "thousand views" 

But most ads only pay on a per click basis and depending on the niche you can earn anywhere from $0.50 per click on up to $20.00 per click. 

Many people earn over $400.00 per day through Adsense or but it takes time to achieve that and lots of work. 

If you want to earn a full time income online then you need to treat it as a job which it should be. 

No one makes a lot of money online without hard work and patience. 

Most of those high earning blogs have been around at least a decade "10 years" or even 2 decades "20 years". 

So you have to work hard in the beginning and have patience if you want to achieve success. 

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