Can I use WIC out of state?

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asked Oct 13, 2019 in Parenting by hillilpilk (530 points)
Can I use WIC out of state?

When traveling out of state such as on a road trip can you use WIC out of state to purchase food etc for your baby or child?

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answered Oct 13, 2019 by Wendell (30,420 points)
No you can only use your WIC card at approved stores in the state it was issued.

So you'll need to purchase the food such as Formula and anything else in the state you live in and had the WIC card issued in and then take the food, Formula etc with you on the road trip out of state.

If you're moving out of state and into another state then you need to tell your WIC office who will then likely issue you a new WIC card for the other state.

But WIC cards can only be used for certain things that are food and Formula and only in the state it's issued in.

You can go to different cities etc in the same state and use the WIC card but you cannot use the WIC card out of state as it will not work.

I think it has to do with fraud etc.

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