Who do you advise to bet on?

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asked Oct 29, 2019 in Auto Racing by LilyBlack (140 points)
Tomorrow is the Los Angeles-Seattle Sounders game. Who do you think will win? Who do you advise to bet on?

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answered Oct 29, 2019 by ChristopherFrancis (180 points)
I don't know... Maybe Los Angeles will win. They are in good physical shape.
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answered Oct 29, 2019 by Bedor (300 points)

Do not think too much and trust your intuition. Although, you can trust the statistics and analysis of teams. This can be done on this resource https://fscore.net/ . So you will get knowledge about the teams, their results and can fully say who will win the game.

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answered Dec 2, 2019 by Mark Duffy (2,400 points)

I like that. I like to play normal games, pass quests, and also online games on the Internet. I recently got acquainted with this site https://1xbet.com/en/ I made a lot of money. Now my hobby is my job. I am very glad of that.

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answered Jun 16 by KonorJoah (380 points)
I never knew anything like that, but can you toss a coin?
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answered Jun 16 by AdamJane (560 points)

Listen, just if this question is still relevant to you, then pay attention to this site here, there are excellent statistics and forecasts for all the nearest matches, so rather look, maybe the forecasts still hold on and you can put on your favorite games. Moreover https://www.tipleader.com/en/b6-pinnacle_sports I advise you not to bet a lot, if you are already very passionate or moreover not able to control yourself from the uncontrolled spending of your savings.

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