What does a carpet rake do?

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What does a carpet rake do?

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Carpet rakes help to extend the life of your carpet by raking the carpet the carpet strands come back up from being walked on.

The carpet rake is also very useful at removing pet hair such as dog hair and cat hair from carpet when it's hard to remove it using other ways.

Using a carpet rake can also help to remove some deep stains from carpet that have dried into the carpet and I highly recommend getting a carpet rake and use it often especially if you have pets that leave pet hair in the carpet.

I have a carpet rake and would not do without one anymore.
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A carpet rake is a tool that is used to remove loose particles from the surface of a carpet. It is also used to level the pile of the carpet.

The first step in using a carpet rake is to shake it out and make sure that all of the bristles are facing downwards. The second step is to insert it into the pile of the carpet and pull it towards you, using your arm as leverage. Next, turn your body slightly and repeat this process until you have reached the other side of your room or until you have removed all of the loose particles from your floor.

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