Can I be happy without children?

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asked Nov 20, 2019 in Parenting by Ketoweoost (310 points)
Can I be happy without children?

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answered Nov 20, 2019 by Avarado (27,970 points)
Yes you can be happy without having children and many people do live a happy life and have a happy marriage even when they have no children.

Children can either make your life happy or make your life a living hell and not everyone is meant to be parents and that's okay.

Children are a huge responsibility and you should only have children if you're absolutely ready for them and can support them financially because kids are expensive.

Although for some people having kids is worth it and they can be a joy but you have to be prepared for tantrums, caring for them etc.

Some people regret having children and other people don't regret having children.

I have 3 kids myself and my life is much better because of them but for some people it may not be that way.
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answered Mar 2 by RobertPolson (2,400 points)

I believe that there is no direct link between having children and happiness. The most difficult thing is for those who do not have a permanent partner. I don't even mean official marriage now. I got lucky and found the perfect girl with the help of local hook up in Columbus. We do not want children yet, as we are very comfortable together.

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answered Mar 2 by ChickenSalad (3,390 points)
You can indeed be happy without children.

Having children can make you happy and having children can also make you miserable.

Not everyone is meant to be a parent and that is okay.

But if children are for you then they can make you happy and even if they do make you miserable they can also make you happy other times.

My own kids they make me miserable on some days.

However on other days they make me very happy so they are worth it to me no matter how bad they can be on some days.

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