Does turning off your computer monitor save energy?

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Does turning off your computer monitor save energy?

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Turning off your LED computer monitor does save a bit of energy but the new LED computer monitors use very little electricity that it's hardly noticeable on the electric bill when they are on all the time.

Turning your computer monitor on and off too much can wear the computer monitor out faster than just leaving it on all day.

If I'm going to bed for the night or leaving the house for longer than an hour I will turn the computer monitor off and then turn it back on when i get back or wake up.

But if I'm gonna be home all day and need to use the computer or plan to use the computer through the day I just leave the computer monitor on.

The average LED computer monitor uses around 20 to 25 watts of electricity per hour which is very little compared to the old CRT monitors that used 80 watts to 100 watts per hour.

So that means that my LED computer monitor if kept on for 10 hours per day uses around 250 watts per day or 7,500 watts per month.

Since my KWH cost is 10 cents per KWH it costs me around 80 cents for the month to keep the led computer monitor on which is a very low cost.
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You should turn off your monitor if you're not using it for longer than a few hours.

If using the monitor through the day then leave the monitor on until you go to sleep.

It is OK to leave your computer monitor on all the time.

If you're using your computer throughout the day then simply leave the computer monitor on as they use very little energy and it's actually worse to turn the monitor on and off as it wears the button out.

LED monitors last a long time regardless so leaving the monitor on is a good idea.

If going to bed then you should shut if off but it's not gonna harm the monitor to leave it on 24/7 but it will just wear the monitor out sooner.

If you're using a desktop computer and are using it throughout the day then it's best to put it to sleep or leave it on.

Or if you're going to bed you can simply leave the computer on and just turn the monitor off.

Although putting the computer to sleep mode uses less energy than just leaving the computer on.

It's actually more energy efficient to turn your computer off if not using it within a few hours.

However it's actually better for the computer if it's a desktop computer to leave the desktop computer on 24/7 or at least leave it on until you go to bed.

My 2 desktop computers never get shut off and I leave the monitors on all day because turning them off and on wears the monitor out faster than just leaving it on.

However when I go to bed I turn the monitors off but the computers stay on.

Leaving your computer on all the time does not damage it.

People leave computers on all the time and they are meant to stay on as the constant shutting them off and turning them back on is actually more damaging to the computer than just leaving the computer on constantly.

It is OK to leave your computer on 24 7 or all the time.

I leave 2 of my desktop computers on all the time and never shut them off.

The only time they get shut off is if the power goes out or I need to restart them.

I've left my desktop computers on 24/7 for 6 months straight before and nothing bad has happened to them.

Computers such as desktop computers are meant to operate 24 hours per day and 7 days per week.

Actually shutting the computer off and turning it back on constantly can shorten the life of the computer.

Desktop computers are best kept on and not shut off constantly.

Web servers are an example of a type of computer that are on constantly.

Those web servers run constantly so that we can access the internet and websites such as this website on.

The web servers only get shut down when needed otherwise they are on all the time.

If it's a laptop then you may want to shut it down as they can overheat more easily but desktops are cooled more easily.

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