Why do parents lie to their kids about Santa Claus?

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Why do parents lie to their kids about Santa Claus?

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Santa Claus has been a tradition for many years and the tradition has just stuck with many parents.

However I believe it's wrong to lie about Santa Claus actually being real and not just a fantasy.

Having Santa Claus in Christmas Tradition is okay but we should not tell our kids that Santa Claus is real but instead should let them know that Santa is not real and just a fantasy.

I've never lied to our kids about Santa Claus.

When my kids were old enough to understand we just told them that Santa Claus is just a made up character that we have during Christmas.

We told the kids that they are not actually getting presents from Santa Claus nor do I take my kids to see Santa Claus as I do not want them sitting on some strange persons lap.

Our kids know that it's us parents that buy them the presents and we ask them what they want for Christmas and not Santa.

I think it is wrong to outright lie about Santa and tell your kids that Santa is real and that he's delivering presents.

And also it seems really bad sounding that some strange guy is supposed to come into your house at night while your kids are asleep and while you're asleep.

And it's bad that some guy is supposed to be watching your kids.

That sounds too perverted to me so we never told our kids about Santa watching them or even being real.

Santa is not real and parents should never lie to their kids about Santa being real.

We punish our kids for lying to us about things but parents lie to their kids about Santa, Easter Bunny etc.

We should not lie to our kids and expect them to not lie to us

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