How Cell Phone Monitoring Software Works?

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The phone's owner installs a small app into the mobile phone. The application starts up automatically when the phone is booted up, and remains hidden in the background. After the application is setup on the cellphone, it will log an plethora of phone parameters, and then silently transfer this data to a private internet account via GPRS. In order to view the data, you login to the software service's panel from any internet enabled computer and read the log reports. Click Site:
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I want to create this type of application. How much would it cost to develop such an application?
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answered Dec 11, 2021 by Don Lawrence (1,420 points)
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Additional tiers, larger package sizes, and additional efforts to optimize apps for mobile devices usually slow down their performance. You can explore this question with Bladeware, as performance metrics of key application features versus native applications can help you make an informed decision.

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