Is calamansi juice good for weight loss?

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Is calamansi juice good for weight loss?

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answered Feb 6 by linda (22,450 points)
Yes calamansi juice is good for weight loss

The calamansi juice is a low calorie and very refreshing as well as healthy drink so drinking calamansi juice willo help aid you in weight loss.

You also need to watch your calorie intake as well when you eat and as long as you've changed your diet to a low calorie diet and are also exercising as well.

The calamansi juice will be a good drink to help aid in your weight loss.

I love calamansi juice and drank it when I was on my weight loss diet and I did shed the lbs.

The calamansi juice is high in Vitamins and nutrients as well so your overall health will improve as a result of drinking calamansi juice.

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