Forcing your kids into religion is child abuse and brainwashing?

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asked Jan 9, 2020 in Religion & Spirituality by xrarguerite (400 points)
Forcing your kids into religion is child abuse and brainwashing?

Since god and Jesus are not real and there really is no afterlife after we die I think it's child abuse and brainwashing of children to send them to church and force them to believe in a god and when a child doesn't want to believe in god some parents get mad.

I told my parents when I was a teenager that I no longer believe in God or Jesus and didn't want to go to church anymore and my parents screamed at me and took a belt to me and said that I was going to church if they had to drag me there.

That never happened though because I left the house.

Nobody should be forced into believing in God or Jesus and it doesn't make someone a bad person just because they are Christian.

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answered Jan 9, 2020 by Essmann (42,860 points)
Forcing your kids to believe in God or Jesus or any religion is abuse and yes going to church and teaching kids about God and Jesus is most certainly brainwashing those kids.

All preachers and priests that preach those things about god and Jesus are liars and are also brain washers as well.

Religion is really just a way to make people feel better about death because they are scared of dying and want an afterlife after they die so that they can see their kids and loved ones once they pass on.

Most people who are religious are actually scared of death and it's a reason they want to hold onto the belief that god or Jesus is real.

If your kid doesn't want to believe in God they should not be forced into it and should not be scolded for it either.

Scolding or punishing or yelling at your kid for not believing in God or Jesus is not gonna make them believe in the fake God or Jesus anyway.

I hate when someone uses the saying and says to someone that's gods plan and he needed another angle.

That is exactly what turned me off of Jesus, God and Religion and now I no longer believe in god and would not worship him even if I seen him in person and he was real.

If God or Jesus plans to take your child or someone you love especially at an early age such as a young kid or teen through some disease or other tragedy or natural disaster then that is a really terrible plan.

God is terrible as well as Jesus.

I've had people tell me that my loved ones have went to be with the lord because the lord wanted him and it was that persons time.

Well yeah those people were old and died of old age which is natural and expected but they didn't go be with the lord because the lord does not exist.

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