What are the symptoms of vertebral artery occlusion?

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What are the symptoms of vertebral artery occlusion?

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A vertebral artery occlusion is considered a serious enough condition to need medical treatment and you should call an ambulance to get emergency medical help on the way because if left untreated the vertebral artery occlusion can lead to a stroke and even death.

Symptoms of vertebral artery occlusion are head and neck pain, dizziness, vomiting and vertigo.

The condition vertebral artery occlusion also has symptoms such as weakness, hemiparesis, ataxia, diplopia, pupillary abnormalities, speech difficulties and altered mental status.

If you or anyone you know experiences any of those symptoms of the verebral artery occlusion you need to get them to the hospital or call 911 to get emergency medical help.

With an ambulance they can work on your health and yourself while you're on the way to the hospital so if possible have the ambulance drive you to the hospital.

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