How do you insulate drafty apartment windows?

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How do you insulate drafty apartment windows?

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If you have drafty apartment windows that let in cold air and make your apartment or yourself feel colder you can get some window shrink film that you place over the window and use a hair dryer to shrink the window film.

It does no damage to the windows or apartment and it's easy to remove when you need to remove it.

You could also place a blanket over the drafty windows or thicker curtains on really cold days or even get some insulating foam sheets to put inside the window when it's really cold out and then you can remove that insulation when the cold weather is over.

If you have drafty windows and cannot afford to replace those drafty windows and you have cold air coming through those windows then yes the window film does help keep cold out and helps keep the heat in the house.

You place the window film over the window and then use a hair dryer to shrink the window film tight enough and it seals out the cold air.

Then you can remove it when spring comes around.

I used window film on apartment windows that were drafty and then added some thick blankets over the windows as well.

If you don't want to see out of the window you could also place some of that foam inside the window where you buy those sheets of insulating foam and then cut it to size and place it in the window until winter is over and then remove it when you want to look out the window again.
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Sometimes all you need is to get good windows into your home. I know that the new window profiles don't have such problems as drafts, they are made energy efficient so that they keep heat longer. I know that usually new windows and their installation are very expensive, but there are companies that offer their customers high-quality, modern product and don't require a lot of money for this, for example, like this one . I think you can discuss the prices for their services and metal-plastic packages for windows in detail with their manager, and I'm sure that he will be able to offer you good option that will completely save you from the problems that you have now because of the old window. I have changed the windows in my apartment several times because it really helps me save money on my electricity bills becouse of heating my appartment.

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Insulating drafty windows only takes a bit of smart approach to the right kind of coverage. The foremost and the most foolproof element you can try out in this regard is to have the installation of Blackout Curtains. These curtains will not provide an incredible level of interior insulation but will also make the whole space perfectly comfortable and soothing to be around. Though blackout curtains always work the best for this purpose, still you can consider a few other options. Some of the other useful ideas for the insulation of drafty apartment windows is the addition of a window insulation film or thermal curtains. Moreover, you can

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