Do chains help on black ice?

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asked Jan 22 in Safety by tossercautiona (200 points)
Do chains help on black ice?

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answered Jan 24 by Essmann (39,570 points)
Snow chains or Tire Chains can help you gain some traction when driving on black ice or just ice in general as it's much better than just the tires.

However the tires themselves cannot gain any traction on the black ice or icy roads at all even when you have good studded tires because the ice is smooth.

But the chains can help provide a bit of grip so it can help some.

But you can still slide and lose traction on ice as well as black ice even when you have tire chains on your tires.

So if you don't need to drive and be on the road when it's snowy, icy etc then stay off the road for your safety as it's not worth the risk.

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