How do you change an active child's diaper?

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How do you change an active child's diaper?

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The easiest time in a child's life to change their diaper is when they are under a year old when they are not as active.

During the newborn years and up until at least 6 or 8 months of age diaper changes can actually be enjoyable and I actually did enjoy changing my babies diapers because I loved the time I spent with my kids and loved taking care of them.

It gave me a purpose in life and I actually do miss changing their diapers and wished I hadn't potty trained them so early at 3 years old.

I would've kept them in diapers until at least 5 years old if they would've let me because I miss my babies.

But anyway when your child becomes active and it gets hard to change their diaper you need to set a schedule and remind the child when it's time to change their diaper.

Then a few minutes before the diaper change tell the child they need their diaper changed soon and if possible just get a changing pad and get the new diaper, wipes etc and change the active child's diaper where they are.

Just lay them down on the floor where they are playing or on the couch where they are watching TV and change the diaper right there.

That way they can resume what they are doing immediately after the diaper change or they can still be distracted by the TV show they were watching.

Once my kids got to 2 years old I stopped using the changing table and changed them where they were.

If they were standing up and only had a wet diaper then I would just change the diaper standing up.

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