How much cold can a car battery handle?

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How much cold can a car battery handle?

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Before a car battery goes completely dead the car battery can handle at least 76 F below freezing which is a really cold temperature.

Luckily in most places on earth it doesn't get that cold even though we do get some pretty cold temperatures.

But when it does get below freezing your battery can drain some or even sometimes drain completely if it's an older battery and you don't start your car or vehicle up and drive it around at least sometimes.

If you're not gonna drive your vehicle a few days or a week or longer and it's cold out it's best to put a battery charger on the battery for a few hours every few days to keep the battery charged up.

Sometimes I'll do that myself if I have nowhere to go and it's gonna be 20 F or below and I am only gonna be driving the vehicle around town some.

I put the charger on the battery just to make sure it stays up even though sometimes the battery is charged or near charged.

Charging the cars battery doesn't hurt and it prevents you from having to deal with a dead battery.

If your vehicles battery is 5 years old or older it's best to replace it with a new one before it leaves you stranded.

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