Is it really cheaper to live off campus?

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asked Mar 5, 2020 in Higher Education (university +) by lauriwillis (420 points)
Is it really cheaper to live off campus?

When going to college is it cheaper to live off campus or is it cheaper to live on campus?

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answered Mar 5, 2020 by Jodie (35,080 points)
The rent for living on campus is usually much higher than the cost of rent to live in an apartment or house off campus.

But when you live on campus the cost of heat, electricity, water etc are all included in the cost of the on campus rent and you're also right there and do not have to commute to college when living in a dorm room or other on campus housing.

But off campus housing does have it's advantages such as not being right near college and you get a nicer place to live and not have to live in what seemed like to me a prison cell.

My dorm room where I lived for a couple years was not like some fancy dorm rooms today and had brick walls and I found it actually depressing and it looked more like a prison cell than a room.

I then had enough money to rent an apartment off campus and although I had to commute a little ways it was well worth it.

My trash was still included as well as my water and electricity and I found a cheaper apartment than what I was paying to live on campus.

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