Are long drives bad for your car?

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Are long drives bad for your car?

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answered Mar 28, 2020 by Shawn (99,510 points)
Long drives are not bad for your car and actually long drives are much better for your car than shorter drives.

The long drives help to get the engine all heated up which helps evaporate moisture and condensation in the engine and engine oil.

Driving short distances and doing stop and go driving is worse on your car and cars engine than driving longer distances where the engine gets up to a good temperature.

Automatic transmissions also last longer when kept at a constant highway speed instead of constantly shifting the gears from stopping at a stop light or stop sign and then shifting back up constantly.

Your car and cars engine will last longer if you do more highway driving than it would for stop and go driving.

Your brake pads or brake pads and brake shoes will also wear down less often and last longer when driving more highway miles than it would when stop and going because you use your brakes less.

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