Is it safer to drive at night or day?

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Is it safer to drive at night or day?

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Although there is usually less traffic at night than there is during the day the driving at night is more dangerous than driving during the day.

It's much safer to drive during the day even though there can be more traffic on the road.

When driving during the day you can see ahead of you much better and have a quicker reaction time to things in front of you.

At night even though you have your headlights on it's still hard to see way ahead of you so you may get into a traffic accident easier than you would when driving during the day.

At night you're also more likely to fall asleep behind the wheel because our body clocks are used to going to sleep at night.

I have driven at night safely for quite a few miles and never had an accident but a lot more accidents on the road happen during the night than they do during the day.
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I think than depends on your skills

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