What are the disadvantages of disposable diapers?

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What are the disadvantages of disposable diapers?

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The main disadvantages of disposable diapers is that they cost money each month and you throw them away after each use.

So in a way you're throwing money in the trash with disposable diapers but you have to have diapers for your kids when they are not potty trained.

Another disadvantage of disposable diapers is that they take up space in a landfill and take many years to break down and they contain chemicals that may cause rashes on kids who wear them.

That is the only disadvantages I can personally think of when it comes to disposable diapers.

Although disposable diapers cost more money through the years your baby and kids wears them they are not all that expensive and when you factor in washing cloth diapers and using soap, your time, electricity, water etc then you're actually not saving any money with cloth diapers.

I think cloth diapers have more of a disadvantage than disposables do.

I tired cloth diapers with my first baby and quickly decided it was not for me.

My husband can make more money in an hour at his job that I saved in one day cloth diapering.

Diapering my kids with disposable diapers costs around $3.00 per day at most and it took me at least an hour to clean even a few cloth diapers.

My husband makes $100.00 per day at his job.

So it's better for us to buy disposable diapers and as the kids got older the cost even went down to around $2.00 per day.

For one kid it's less than $100.00 per month to buy disposable diapers.

That is the least of the cost when it comes to raising and taking care of a kid.

We spend at least $1,500.00 per month on food alone.

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