Do earwigs lay eggs?

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Do earwigs lay eggs?

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Yes earwigs do lay eggs and then the baby earwigs hatch out of those laid eggs eventually.

Other insects can hatch eggs inside their body but the earwig is different in that they lay the egg first and then later the earwig egg hatches and a baby earwig comes out of it.

Earwigs also lay their eggs in protected areas such as under wet leaves.

Although earwigs have the name earwigs they do not crawl in peoples ears.

Earwigs prefer to avoid humans and will not crawl in your ear so there's no need to worry about the earwig making it's way into your ear.

It's possible that the earwig could be attracted to a human ear but they usually do not crawl in peoples ears although the earwig likes dark, warm and humid places.

But earwigs do not infest peoples ears nor do they usually crawl in the ears of people either despite the name earwigs.

The pincers that an earwig has are used for defense against any predators that might try to harm or eat the earwig.

The pincers on the earwig are intimidating to most of the earwigs predators and usually just showing the pincers to the predator will send them fleeing.

The pincers can break skin on even a human so be careful if you do touch one and if you do touch an earwig wear gloves to avoid injury.

As long as you do not touch the earwig the earwig bug is not a dangerous bug.

The earwig does have the ability to pinch and bite you and cause some pain if you touch them but the earwig is not venomous or poisonous.

The worst thing that would happen if you got pinched or bit by an earwig is suffer from some pain for a little while.

You might also bleed a little but there's no medical attention needed if you did get hurt by an earwig.

Earwigs look like dangerous bugs but to humans the earwig is harmless and will leave you alone as long as you leave the earwig alone.

If you do need to or want to pick up an earwig make sure to wear some good gloves so that you don't get pinched or bitten by the earwig.

If not then it's best to just leave the earwig alone.

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