What does melanoma look like?

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What does melanoma look like?

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When someone has developed Melanoma Skin Cancer the Melanoma Skin Cancer will usually look like normal skin moles and also are usually brown or black, but some can appear pink, tan, or even white.

The melanoma may or may not be round like normal moles are and can spread quickly.

Diagnosing Melanoma at home can be hard because sometimes Melanoma may only look simply like moles which are harmless.

if you see something that looks like moles on your skin but they are spreading and look a bit different in color then see your doctor to get tested.

The only good and only way to know for sure if it's melanoma skin cancer or not is to get tested.

Hopefully it's not skin cancer or melanoma skin cancer but it's better to get tested to be sure.

Usually if you get the melanoma skin cancer diagnosed soon enough and treated it can be cured.

Sometimes the Melanoma skin cancer may not be raised like a bump and may simply look like a skin rash as well.

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