Can hand sanitizer clear acne?

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Can hand sanitizer clear acne?

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The use of hand sanitizer will not clear acne but it can help sanitize and clean and disinfect your skin which may help prevent future acne outbreaks.

The hand sanitizer does not penetrate your skins pores which is needed to clear acne but as long as you keep your pores cleared out and keep your skin sanitized and clean you can prevent future acne outbreaks from occurring.

I suffer from acne myself and tried hand sanitizer to clear the acne but it did not work.

However I did notice that when I started using hand sanitizer on my acne that I had less acne outbreaks as before.

So for most people the use of hand sanitizer does prevent future acne outbreaks but the hand sanitizer does not clear the acne up.

To clear acne you can use lemon juice, moisturize the skin using Aloe Vera or use some tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar.

I used tea tree oil along with lemon juice and Aloe Vera and it cleared my acne up within a few weeks.

But you must keep treating the acne daily for it to work so fast.

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