How do you deal with abusive street teens?

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asked Jul 12, 2020 in Adolescent by Manuela (3,890 points)
How do you deal with abusive street teens?

I'm an adult but there are 4 teenagers around 15 years old to around 17 years old that go around and make threats to harm me.

One teen had a knife and was threatening to kill me and another which was the one around 17 who was driving a truck and was trying to run me down.

I called 911 about 4 times already when that happened and they said that my claims were unfounded and that if I called 911 again they would arrest me?

Really I'm the one that is gonna get arrested when the teens are trying to harm me?

What can I do about these stupid teens because I cannot walk even to the post office or store or walk in the post office or store around here without these teens bothering me and trying to harm me.

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answered Jul 12, 2020 by Minty (106,740 points)
When you have abusive street teens and the police will do nothing about it you should get a body camera or a go pro camera that you can wear on your chest or hat.

Then when you come near those abusive teens you can record their actions of them trying to harm you.

That documentation of video footage can prove that they are doing those things.

Then take the video to the police department directly and talk to the head of the sheriffs department.

I've had to go direct to the police department with some video proof and then then eventually those teens or people got arrested.

Having video evidence will make it so that you have proof as cameras do not lie.

If that still does nothing then you may need to talk to your towns mayor about those teens and also keep some pepper spray or a tazer on you if you need to use it.

However the best thing to do is to avoid them when possible and ignore them.

Walk with your head high and stand up to them.

Not all teens are bullies and will bully you even though I've had cops tell me that they are just teens and are saying things that they don't really mean.

But that's not true as not all teens are bullies or want to harm you.

Some teens are really nice and helpful.

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