Isn't the idea of Santa Claus really creepy?

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Isn't the idea of Santa Claus really creepy?

A lot of people tell their kids that Santa Claus is real and that this guy you never met is gonna be watching over them day and night and know whether the child is sleeping or wake or if they've been bad or good.

Also the child gets told that the Santa Claus goes to every house in the middle of the night to bring presents to a child that the guy has never met.

Then parents also take kids to see Santa and set the child on a complete total strangers lap and for you know the guy in the Santa Suit could be a pedophile and actually be really getting his Jollies off from having the kid sit in his lap.

You take a child to see a strange man and then set the child on the strange mans lap and then he asks them what they want for Christmas.

Now if some random stranger guy just walked up to a kid any other day and tried to give them toys or anything else such as a sack of candy then the parents would freak out and call the police.

But it's okay for a guy in a suit to give candy and ask about toys on Christmas at a mall etc.

Also a guy sneaking into your house at night and he doesn't want to be seen is really creepy.

I never told my kids Santa was real and I told them that it was us parents that bring them the toys and put them under the tree.

I never took my kids to see Santa because I don't want my kids sitting on a strangers lap.

There also was a mall Santa who turned out to be a registered sex offender but he still was hired as a mall Santa and kids allowed to sit on his lap.

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As a baby I hated Santa Claus and whenever my mom would take me to see Santa in town and she put me on his lap I would immediately start crying until my mom picked me back up.

There's a photo somewhere in my mom's album that shows me sitting on Santa Claus lap and I was around 2 years old.

My mom put me on Santa Claus lap thinking by then I would like him but nope I hated him.

I would immediately start screaming and saying in my 2 year old voice that I wanted away from him.

I was trying to escape his grasp around my waist.

I never grew to like Santa Claus and yes the idea of him is creepy.

I never told my kids Santa was real and just told them that Santa was just some strange creep wearing a suit and allowing kids to sit in his lap.

I told my kids never go to a Santa Claus because he could do something bad to them.

We don't do Santa Here either and I don't find the lying of Santa cute.

You teach your kids not to lie but you lie to them about Santa and the Tooth Ferry, Easter Bunny etc.

We never lied about those fairy tales in our house and never will.

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