What causes bed wetting in children?

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What causes bed wetting in children?

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Bed wetting in children is most commonly caused by a small bladder that is not growing properly with the child as they grow.

The child's muscles are not growing strong enough to hold in the pee when they fill their bladder and so when the child is sleeping the bladder muscles are not strong enough to keep the urine in the bladder.

So without knowing about it the child when asleep releases the urine from their bladder without being able to control it and then wets the bed.

Eventually a child will grow out of bed wetting when they reach 8 to 17 years old and some people may continue wetting the bed even as an adult.

But for most kids they do grow out of wetting the bed.

If your kid is wetting the bed they should wear diapers to bed and not the regular pull ups because the diapers will hold in the pee much better and keep the child's clothing and bed dry.

Your kid should wear diapers for bed wetting.

The diaper will keep the kids bed dry as well as clothing dry when they are wetting the bed.

Make the child wear a diaper for bed wetting as it's in their best interest.

You should put the diaper on them at night and then change them in the morning.

I recommend putting either a Luvs size 6 diaper on your bed wetting child or a Pampers Cruisers size 7 diaper.

Luvs size 6 are pretty large and can fit most kids and are made by Pampers so the Luvs diapers are a cheaper diaper than pampers but both are equally as good.

All bed wetting kids, teens and adults should be wearing diapers for bed wetting and they should wear diapers in the day as well if they are wetting their pants.

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