Anyone else hate school plays?

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asked Oct 7, 2020 in Parenting by Naengguk (570 points)
Anyone else hate school plays?

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answered Oct 7, 2020 by Okroshka (820 points)
Yes I do hate school plays.

School plays are so boring and I cannot stand to sit through even a minute of watching a school play.

I refused to go to school plays even as a kid and would stay home even though my mom wanted me to go to the school play so she could watch me in it.

I only went once to my own school play in Kindergarten and it was so depressing to me and so boring.

I don't even go to my own kids school plays now as I cannot stand them.

Even my kids hate the school plays too so they usually stay home as well when they are not in the mood to go to the play.

People say I'm missing out on something good when I miss my own kids school plays but I'm really not and I cannot even watch anyone else's school plays even on Youtube.

They are so dang boring.

I'd rather watch paint dry than watch a school play.

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