Are schools closed on Columbus day?

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Are schools closed on Columbus day?

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Some schools may be closed on Columbus Day but then again some schools remain open on Columbus Day.

It's up to the individual school district as to whether or not they want to close on Columbus day.

You can almost count on the school being open on Columbus Day but to be sure contact the school because it can vary.

Most times I had school on Columbus Day but when we moved to a new state the school I went to let out on Columbus day.

But be prepared to go to school on Columbus Day just in case and to know for sure call the school.

Also Post Offices are closed on Columbus day as well as some other places such as banks and locally owned stores may also close for Columbus day.

Post Offices are closed on Columbus Day.

No mail will be picked up or delivered on Columbus Day because Columbus Day is observed by the USPS and so they close.

If you have any mail to mail out or are waiting on a package or other mail you'll have to wait until the day after Columbus Day to get the mail or mail something.

Also most banks are closed on Columbus Day as well as other Federal Buildings.

Some stores may be closed as well but not all stores will be closed on Columbus day.

It would be up to the individual store.

Schools are usually open on Columbus day but some schools may decide to close and allow the day off of school.

If your kid goes to school make sure to contact the school to know for sure if your kids school is open or not.

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