Is it a good idea to spank a child?

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asked Oct 13, 2020 in Parenting by daisyowl (600 points)
Is it a good idea to spank a child?

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answered Oct 13, 2020 by layla (46,320 points)
Yes it's a good idea to spank a child when they need the spanking.

Not all children can be reasoned with by just talking to them and sometimes a good spanking on the butt with a belt or paddle can get them to listen to you.

The child has to know who's boss and it's perfectly find and is not child abuse to spank the child when needed.

Spanking is not the same as actually beating your child.

Spanking a child is not child abuse as long as the spanking is done right.

Child abuse is where you verbally abuse the child or when you actually beat the child.

But spanking a child with a paddle, belt or even your hand on the butt is not child abuse although some people say it is.

Most kids today don't get spankings when they need it and that is what is wrong with today's children who think they can do what they want too do.

If I did something bad my dad would take his belt and spank my butt and when he did I listened.

He used to spank me until I was 12 years old and then most times all he had to do was show me the belt and I would obey him.

My kids even get spankings with a belt when needed and that way they know who is in charge.

Just like if a toddler does something dangerous and you can't get them to listen otherwise it's okay to smack the toddler on the hand to keep them out of danger.

I was also once acting up and thinking I was the boss to my dad when I was 11 years old and he smacked me on the face a few times.

I then learned to listen to him.

He didn't spank me or smack me on the face because he wanted to abuse me but instead he smacked me and spanked me out of love.

He didn't want me turning into a bad person and I still love my dad and he still loves me.

I'm glad he smacked me for acting bad.

as a kid I was bare butt spanked and I really deserved it.

My dad would make me remove my pants and panties and spank me bare butt to ensure I got the feeling of the spanking.

My dad spanked me bare butt out of love for me and not as abuse.

He never did anything to harm me otherwise nor did he do any sexual abuse.

Spanking when done right is not child abuse and kids need a spanking sometimes to keep them in line and to know who is the boss.

I turned out just fine even though I got spankings and I actually thank my dad for giving me spankings.

If he had not gave me spankings whether bare butt spankings or not I might not have turned out as good as I had.

My own kids getting a spanking and sometimes it does take giving them a bare butt spanking to get the message through.

I have seen my kids naked since birth so there's nothing wrong with seeing their butt or other private parts when they get a spanking.

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