Have you ever been bare butt spanked?

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asked Oct 13, 2020 in Parenting by daisyowl (600 points)
Have you ever been bare butt spanked?

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answered Oct 13, 2020 by layla (46,320 points)
Yes as a kid I was bare butt spanked and I really deserved it.

My dad would make me remove my pants and panties and spank me bare butt to ensure I got the feeling of the spanking.

My dad spanked me bare butt out of love for me and not as abuse.

He never did anything to harm me otherwise nor did he do any sexual abuse.

Spanking when done right is not child abuse and kids need a spanking sometimes to keep them in line and to know who is the boss.

I turned out just fine even though I got spankings and I actually thank my dad for giving me spankings.

If he had not gave me spankings whether bare butt spankings or not I might not have turned out as good as I had.

My own kids getting a spanking and sometimes it does take giving them a bare butt spanking to get the message through.

I have seen my kids naked since birth so there's nothing wrong with seeing their butt or other private parts when they get a spanking.
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answered Jan 30 by surobb77 (170 points)
Yes, at my house our parents spanked us with a belt on our bare butts. That and being grounded was our normal punishment. I think they raised us right and I am grateful for the discipline I got, and my siblings and son feel the same way.

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