Will a bookie kill you?

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Will a bookie kill you?
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A bookie could kill you if you owe them a lot of money or they will hire a hit man to kill you.

So you must make sure to pay your debts owed to the bookie or better yet avoid getting in on the gambling and avoid having to owe money on the betting and gambling.

Most bookies will not kill you though but it has happened.

A bookie that works for gambling can make as much as 100 K per week which is a lot of money.

So in a month that same bookie can make as much as 400 k per month.

However the more players the bookie has the more money they can make as the 100 K per week can be made off of just 100 players.

But if you have players that bet less money then you make less money as a bookie.

For example as a bookie if you have very small bettors or not a lot of bettors then the amount of money you will make will be lower.

Bookie is short for bookmaker who's job is to facilitate gambling and especially on sporting events.

The bookies job is to set odds, accept, and place bets, and pays out winnings on behalf of other people.
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You watch too many films about the mafia)) Modern bookmaking, like modern gambling, is digital. You can deposit money online and receive your winnings in the same way. Here, read a helpful article on online gambling - https://www.theexeterdaily.co.uk/news/entertainment-reviews/advantages-and-disadvantages-digital-wallets  I believe that you will find answers to most of your questions here.

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Good day. I don't understand you. If we are talking about your debt, there can be some problems but only in law order. So don't worry. Personally I often bet on handball games and never had any problems. Maybe it is because I usually win:)

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Hello! I dont think so!
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