Do gel seat cushions work?

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Do gel seat cushions work?

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answered Nov 4, 2020 by GFHombre (710 points)
Yes gel seat cushions do work to help make your office chair or other chair more comfortable.

I bought a few gel seat cushions for myself to use for my home office chair, work office chair and for my car.

Having the gel seat cushions on the chairs makes the chairs much more comfortable and my productivity at the office really increased.

Before I was getting uncomfortable sitting in the office chair but now after using the gel seat cushions I am more comfortable and can sit longer hours.

My butt does not hurt anymore when sitting on the gel seat cushions.

The seat cushions I have are the purple brand seat cushions.

The purple seat cushions are the most comfortable seat cushions I've found.

Purple seat cushions are a bit expensive but I highly recommend them as they are well worth it.

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