Is Diaper Punishment a real thing?

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Is Diaper Punishment a real thing?
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Diaper Punishment is indeed a real thing.

Diaper punishment does happen to some kids who are misbehaving and the parents force the kid into wearing diapers and using them.

If the child does not want to wear the diaper then the parents will physically force them to wear the diaper by restraining them and spanking them until they comply.

I had a friend when he was 8 years old and his parents made him wear diapers when he got bad grades or if he would misbehave.

His parents would take his pants away and make him wear just the diaper and shirt around the house.

At first he hated it but later I found out he loved it after awhile.

At home he would not be allowed to wear any pants over the diaper and the bathroom was locked

I wish I was diaper punished and if I have kids they will be diaper punished as well when needed.

Here's a link to some photos of a boy around 8 years old who was diaper punished.

There's more photos of this diaper boy at the link below.

These photos are of years ago and the boy in the pictures is likely 30 years old or more.

I wish this was me getting this diaper punishment.

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answered Nov 6, 2020 by Varticusfarticus (3,530 points)
Diaper Punishment is a real thing.

When I was 6 years old and wetting the bed my parents thought I was wetting the bed on purpose and so they made me wear Pampers diapers for bed wetting and also during the day.

My parents bought me some Pampers Plastic Backed diapers and made me wear them during the day.

At home I was treated as a toddler and my parents put me in a high chair and fed me and I had to go around the house wearing nothing but a diaper and shirt.

Outside I had to go outside and to families houses wearing just a diaper and shoes and shirt.

In the summer months my mom would put me in just my shirt, socks and shoes and diaper and take me out to stores, to the park etc and it was humiliating for me.

She would also change my diaper in public on changing tables and out on park benches.

I would not do that however to my own kids.

They can wear diapers for bed wetting which is a good thing.

However a child cannot help wetting the bed and should not be treated as a toddler and taken in public at 6 years old wearing just a diaper.

This was in around 1990 and the diapers were those plastic backed thick, crinkly diapers and it was hard to walk in those diapers.

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