Are LED light bulbs hazardous waste?

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Are LED light bulbs hazardous waste?

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LED light bulbs are hazardous waste when they need to be disposed of.

If you have LED bulbs that are no longer good then you should dispose of the LED bulbs through recycling them if possible.

Some Home Depots will take LED light bulbs for recycling and they may even give you a discount on the new LED bulbs you buy.

Or check online as some places will buy them from you or at least take them for free.

Only dispose of the LED bulb in the trash if it's your last resort.

LED bulbs contain mercury and other hazardous waste.

LED light bulbs are not really better for the environment than incandescent light bulbs.

Although LED light bulbs use less electricity when used they are still bad for the environment because it takes energy to manufacture them, ship them etc.

LED light bulbs also use other hazardous materials to make than regular light bulbs do.

It's also harder to dispose of LED bulbs than the regular light bulbs too.

LED bulbs are supposed to last 10 to 20 years but I've yet to have an LED bulb last longer than a couple years.

Still as cheap as they are now it's not a problem if they only last 2 years for me.

The savings alone in energy cost when using the LED bulb pays for the light bulb a few times over.

When LED bulbs are disposed of improperly then they can cause harm to the environment by leeching chemicals into the soil.

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