Parents who their children sit on Santa's lap is very worrying?

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asked Nov 26, 2020 in Parenting by JianpingYu (580 points)
Parents who their children sit on Santa's lap is very worrying?

Taking your kids to sit on a strange mans lap in a Santa Claus suit is worrying and so wrong as that guy could be a pedophile actually get his real Jollies off.

I've read about some Mall Santa Clauses being pedophiles and then they actually were touching the kid in a wrong way.

I think we as parents should never take our kids to see a strange guy in a Santa Suit.

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answered Nov 26, 2020 by Hladga (480 points)
I agree the idea of Santa Claus is very creepy and we should not even be telling kids that there is a strange man watching them.

I always thought that Santa was creepy even as a kid and when my mom told me about him as a 5 year old and said I should be in bed before he comes it made me really freaked out that I didn't sleep.

I didn't want a strange man coming into my house at night or anytime and watching me.

I also hated going to see Santa and even as a 2 year old I remember hitting Santa in the mouth when my mom put me on his lap in a store.

Santa is a creep and you don't know the person who is dressed in the suit and we should not be letting our kids think they are getting presents from some strange man that does not want to be seen even if he is not real.

I've actually told my kids that Santa is fake and it's just some strange man dressed as him and that he should avoid Santa and not accept gifts from him.

We should do away with the idea of Santa Claus as it's really creepy and strange.

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