Why is it important to check your indicator lights?

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Why is it important to check your indicator lights?

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It's important to check your indicator lights to make sure the lights are working and to ensure that you haven't left a turn signal on, you have no check engine light, a door is not open etc.

You should also make sure your turn signals turned off after making a turn because sometimes they may not turn off on their own like they should.

Also it's important that you always check your blind spots when turning.

Blind spots should always be checked before turning either left or right.

There are at least 12 blind spots when driving depending on the vehicle you're driving and you should always check blind spots when turning either left or right and when changing lanes.

Depending on your vehicle there are between 8 to 12 blind spots and every window and door becomes a blind spot as well as any head rest, or door pillar on your vehicle.

You must check all blind spots when switching lanes, backing up and turning in either direction.

When turning right you should always check your blind spot.

If you fail to check your blind spot when turning right then there might be pedestrians or bicyclists that could step out in your blind spot which you could accidentally run over.

Always check your blind spot when turning right or even when turning left.

When driving a vehicle the blind spot is the area that is around the vehicle that cannot be directly observed by the driver of the vehicle.

It's called a blind spot because you cannot easily see or cannot see at all what is around you in that blind spot.

Blind Spots exist around vehicles other than cars and exist in a wide range of vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorboats, sailboats, and aircraft.

Adding a blind spot mirror to your drivers side and passenger side mirrors can help you improve the sight in those blind spots.

The blind spot mirrors are pretty cheap and well worth it and you can just peel and stick on the blind spot mirrors.

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