Is Taco a Spanish word?

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Is Taco a Spanish word?

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Taco is a Spanish Word and when you say Taco in Spanish then you're cursing at them.

But Taco is an English word for a food we eat that originated in Mexico.

Tacos are Mexican as Tacos originated in Mexico but then later they become very popular in American.

Tacos are indeed Mexican.

Mexico is where Tacos were invented and originated and then brought over into America later on where they caught on.

Tacos are served in Mexico as well as America and both American and Mexicans enjoy Tacos and have for years but the Taco is a Mexican Food.

A Taco can be made with either a hard Tortilla or a Corn Tortilla that is hard.

So you can order either soft Tacos or hard Tacos.

I prefer the soft Tacos myself because they are easier to chew although sometimes I like a hard crunchy Taco as well.

Taco Bell makes good Tacos for cheap or you can go to a good Mexican place and good some even better Tacos and other Mexican food.

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