What is the coldest month in the winter?

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asked Dec 29, 2020 in Weather by Adair37 (670 points)
What is the coldest month in the winter?

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The coldest month in winter in most places is the month of January.

The month of January is the middle of winter and usually the month of January in most places has the coldest temperatures and then from after January passes the days and months start getting warmer.

Usually by the month of March the temperatures start warming up into the 50s F and 60s F depending on the location.

However it can sometimes still be somewhat cold in the month of March and April at least during some of the days.

But after January the worst of the cold temperatures are usually over and the days really start getting longer and the sun shines more.

I'm always ready for winter to be over with and thankfully we are getting closer to spring.

I hate cold weather and wish I lived somewhere warmer during the winter.

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