Can parents kick their 16 year old out?

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Can parents kick their 16 year old out?

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Parents cannot legally kick their 16 year old kid out of the house.

A parent or parents are legally responsible for the care of the their kids until they reach age 18.

Once the kid turns age 18 then the kid can legally be kicked out and you're no longer responsible for them legally.

However if the 16 year old got emancipated with the parents approval then the law would see the 16 year old as an adult and then legally the 16 year old could be kicked out.

If you're having trouble with your 16 year old kid or teen then you should look at counseling services or in an emergency case call 911 and request help from the police.

However once the 16 year old turns 18 years old then you can legally kick the kid out of the house.

But until then you as a parent or parents ares legally required to provide housing, food, clothing, etc for them and provide for their basic needs for their health and well being.

Kicking a child out at 16 or below 18 years of age could get you into trouble for neglect.

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