How do you look for a partner during quarantine?

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asked Nov 22, 2021 in Singles & Dating by BobSatf (120 points)

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answered Nov 23, 2021 by achmyouse (2,360 points)
To look for a partner during Quarantine you can do so online through plentyoffish and other online dating websites.

If you do meet up later then just to be safe wear a mask when in close proximity to them unless you know they have been vaccinated and yourself have been vaccinated.

Many people look for a partner online now even if it's not quarantine.

Eventually this pandemic will be over and things will be back to normal and you can go out dating in public again.

But for now look online at dating websites for single people in your area. and plentyoffish are good places to start.
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answered Nov 24, 2021 by Dyavion (630 points)
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Sure, online dating is a good option and probably the most popular nowadays. Personally, I prefer easy hookup so there are not so many good suitable sites. Once, my friend recommended me 100hookup and since then I have used this dating community. Actually, you can find plenty of dating sites but not all of them are really good, read reviews before signing up.

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answered Jan 5 by inessa8 (3,900 points)

I really like to communicate with different girls and guys online, so in order to perform this action easier, I decided that is a wonderful website, where I can chat and to communicate! Such a service is a pretty decent option if you are feeling lonely, want to chat with people from other countries etc. 

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answered Feb 8 by bella (1,020 points)

Now there are so many dating sites and it's cool because now a lot of people are lonely and many want to find a relationship or a one night stand. I'm very lonely but I don't want to be in a serious relationship so I often hang out with guys on erie pa hookups . Here I can always find a guy and have a good time

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