What is Class C camping?

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What is Class C camping?

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Class C Camping is when you camp in a campsite with limited amenities and no showers.

A Class C campsite is a campsite that has limited amenities and no showers but does have access by vehicle.

Class c sites may include amenities such as toilets, or electricity but will most often have access to clean water.

You will have to check with the campground you plan on staying with for a full list of amenities.

Some campgrounds are rated by class to let you know what amenities are available.

This is very useful because it allows you to plan your trip better, pack accordingly, and know what to expect when you arrive.

Every campground is different, and the amenities change based on the location and time of year.

Basic amenities that most campsites offer include toilets, showers, hot water, and electricity. 

Other features include whether or not there is vehicle access or if you need to hike or ski to the campsite.

While most campsites do have toilets, the quality and type can vary.

Higher-class sites will have indoor, flushing toilets.  Some may even have running water for sinks while others simply have hand sanitizer for cleansing. 

These indoor facilities may or may not be heated. 

Usually, flushing toilets are seasonal because the pipes can freeze in the winter.

Lower-class sites may have toilets, but they may not flush and could just be pit, vault, or composting toilets that are quite cold even though they are indoors.

These types of toilets definitely will not offer sinks or any kind of running water.

Showers are often limited as well at some campsites. 

Just because a campsite has showers though, there may not be a guarantee of hot water. 

Many campsites that do offer showers charge for their use, and you may have to buy tokens in advance for a timed shower.

If your campsite does not have showers, check before bringing your own portable shower.

Not all campsites allow personal showers to be used and the water they use has to be disposed of properly.

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