Are you excited for Christmas

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asked Dec 24, 2021 in Answerpail by mwalker1996 (9,160 points)
Are you ready for Christmas tommorow?

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answered Dec 24, 2021 by Pamperslover (25,510 points)
I'm somewhat excited but not as excited for Christmas as I used to be.

I will be going to my parents house tomorrow but we don't do as much as we used to do.

No gifts are gonna be exchanged this year and probably not ever again but it's nice though to be around my parents and that's gifts enough.

Although I used to be into Christmas and really excited and used to be a believer of God and Jesus my views as I got older have changed.

While my parents are still Christians and still believe in God and Jesus they know that I no longer believe in Jesus and I stopped going to church.

They accept that I am no longer a Christian and so we don't really celebrate Christmas at least while I'm not at there house.

They no longer put a Christmas Tree up anymore and we don't do any presents or cook a huge meal.

Just like with Thanksgiving I mainly go there to be with my parents.

Even though I'm no longer Christian or celebrate Jesus, God etc I still try to be with my family on the holidays even when they are Christian Holidays.

Also as I've gotten older and older Christmas and the Holidays just don't seem as exciting to me.

Maybe it's also the fact that my dad's birthday is the next day after Christmas and he's gonna be 74 and I'm not looking forward to losing him eventually.

That's another reason I try to be with them even on holidays I don't really celebrate myself.

Also I'm gonna be so lost without my parents when they are gone.

They were really loving parents to me as a kid and I really do love them.

I do miss the excitement I used to get on Christmas as a kid but sadly the real excitement is gone.
commented Dec 24, 2021 by mwalker1996 (9,160 points)
Didn't know you were an atheist.
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answered Dec 24, 2021 by diapermouse1 (7,820 points)
I'm excited for Christmas.

I'm also ready for Christmas although and am going over to my parents house for Christmas tomorrow.

My parents put up there fake Christmas Tree after Thanksgiving.

Then they leave it up until after New Years.

I always look forward to the Christmas dinner and look forward to opening and exchanging presents.

I still seem to get just as excited as I did when I was a kid.

Not as excited about Christmas as I did when I used to want to wait up for Santa Clause as a kid but still pretty excited.
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answered Dec 24, 2021 by K8nutkin (2,680 points)
I'm pretty excited for Christmas.

Hopefully this new year coming will be a much better year and the years to follow.

The last few years and last few Christmas for me have not been too well but I'm looking forward to next year and the years after.

That is as long as they are better years than these last few years.

Wishing everyone here a happy new year and Merry Christmas and hope your Christmas Day, New Years and the years to follow are good years.
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